Bible Mysteries

The words of the Scripture accompany us from the beginning of the journey to its end, taking us gradually to the top of the mountain in the different levels of fellowship with the Holy Trinity. We are not meant to stop at the level of the intellectual knowledge of the Word of God, but enter into our spiritual inheritance. When our inner man grows, the Holy Spirit reveals to us the hidden mysteries behind the words of the Scripture which are solid food for the mature (Hebrews 5: 14).

Early Church Teachings

The Early Fathers of the Church were greatly faithful and had great love to God. Besides, they had immense spiritual hunger and thirst. Because of this, they were given the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places (Isaiah 45: 3); they were entrusted with the keys and mysteries of the Kingdom of God. They were enriched by the unsearchable riches of Christ and were filled with grace after grace. As a result, they became gigantic in the spirit. They left for us this spiritual inheritance and the landmarks of the way so that Christ may be formed in us as He was formed in them.

Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines include, among others: regular prayer, fasting, vigil nights of prayer, prostration, being disciplined and taught by the word of God, receiving spiritual counsel, repentance, searching oneself, obeying the commandments of love and forgiveness, etc. Spiritual disciplines are not offered to God in order to receive grace because grace is free, but they are directed to one's soul to prepare the soul to progressively receive grace after grace (John 1: 16). They are means through which the Holy Spirit works deeply and with power to purify the soul, sanctify her and transform her into the image of Christ.

Divine Calendar

The Early Fathers of the Church have arranged a divine calendar for the year by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and on the bases of the mind of God revealed in the books of the Scripture (Exodus 12: 2). The purpose of this calendar is that the people of God would be preoccupied throughout the whole year with the Kingdom of heaven –which is the main subject of the bible as clear in the ministry and teaching of John the Baptist and of Jesus and His disciples (Matthew 3: 2; Matthew 4: 17, 23; Matthew 10: 7).

Prophetic Messages

The prophetic work of the Holy Spirit has been revealed in its full richness in the early church. This has been manifested in unveiling the deep mysteries of the word of God, the economy of God, the economy of the evil one, and preparing the Church for her mission and the second coming of Christ.

The Bride

Every redeemed soul is called to be a Bride for Christ. The union between Christ and the Church, His Bride, is a great mystery (Ephesians 5: 32). The Holy Spirit adorns us to be a royal Bride. As sin increases and love becomes lukewarm in the End Times, grace increases much more; the Holy Spirit offers us the pure teaching and pours inside us the holy zeal in order to aid and strengthen the Bride of Christ to become an army with banners. Together with the Holy Spirit, the Bride helps in preparing the world for the coming of the Bridegroom, the King (Revelation 22: 17).